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The 2020 Freshmen Opening Ceremony of beat365 was Held
Author:Xu Xu / Zhong WenTime:2020-10-14Clicks:

The opening ceremony of 2020 freshmen was held on October 12th. Leaders of beat365 Wei guotan, Du Lanxiao, Zhou Guozhong, Wang Zhonglin, Wang Fang, Han Yongliang, Yao Zhefeng and Yan Yiping attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zhou Guozhong.

The ceremony began with the solemn National Anthem. After that, vice president Wang Zhonglin announced the list of 2020 Freshmen Scholarship, and awarded Xu enli from 2020 Tourism Management Class.

Du Lanxiao, the president of beat365, made a speech entitled "Ride with the Wind and Waves, Sail Happily". She gave five tips for the freshmen, the first is to shoulder the responsibility of the times; the second is to keep the posture of striving; the third is to forge the ability of self-discipline; the fourth is to cultivate the spirit of cooperation; the fifth is to accumulate the energy for change.

Lu Jingyi, Wei Xiaoliang, Wu Yan, Jin Xiaoyang, Huang Hui, Luo Manli, Luo Feng and Lei Minghua, the directors of the secondary schools, sent welcomes to the freshmen respectively.



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