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Year 2020 (18th) Teaching Rewards Fund Selection Results Announced
Author:Yang Yaocheng/ Yang YangTime:2021-06-23Clicks:

On June 23, beat365’s 2020 (18th) Teaching Rewards Fund Selection Conference was held in the lecture hall on the second floor of the Qinjin Building.

Party Leader’s like Secretary of Communist Party Committee, Wei Guotan, Wang Zhonglin, Lu Wen, Wang Fang, Han Yongliang, Yao Zhefeng, related leaders and educational award fund selection candidates attended this meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yao Zhefeng, Director of Propaganda Department.

After on-site voting and statistics, six comrades including Weng Dong, Cheng Li'an, Xu Huihui, Zhang Xiangdong, Zhou Hanqiong, and Wang Yahong were elected as "excellent teachers." Three comrades, including Chen Yiqun, Chen Wei, and Zhou Yongqing, are "excellent ideological and political workers." Ni Qinfeng, Chi Mengyao, Chen Shuilian and other three comrades are "excellent administrative workers."

Wei Guotan, Secretary of Party Committee, delivered a speech after the results of the selection were announced, congratulating the 12 faculty members who won the “Educational Award Fund” this year.

He put forward three points of hope to share with all faculty and staff: First, we must insist on ethics and be a practitioner of all-staff education. The second is to persist in being dedicated to work and being a promoter of education and teaching reforms. The third is to persist in lifelong learning and be a teacher of extensive knowledge. Besides, be sure to stand at the forefront of knowledge development, always in a state of learning, and constantly enrich the knowledge reserve.


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